About Us

The EZMonk, Inc. website is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that provides the interface for users (Owners and Renters) to make and save money. With today’s economy, EZMonk was designed to enable registered users the ability to increase residual income from renting items already owned or save money by renting items in-lieu of buying them for limited use. The website is an intermediary for bringing Owners and Renters together in a virtual marketplace, allowing all registered users the ability to be an Owner, a Renter, or both.

EZMonk is focused on reaching the general public, established businesses and startup companies, giving everyone the opportunity to earn and save money. To support diverse money earning and saving opportunities, the rental marketplace has a wide array of categories to post and search items for rent. This is all provided in a marketplace focused on being a user friendly environment, allowing for easy tracking of rental items in a secure setting.

The founders of EZMonk are focused on providing consumers the services they need in a peer-to-peer marketplace. User satisfaction is extremely important, hence consumers are provided with the opportunity to rate their experiences.

EZMonk, thanks you for visiting and taking the time to learn about the company.