Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to register as a renter and as an owner separately?
No, once you create an account you can participate as a renter, owner or both.

2. How do I manage what items I’m posting for rent or in the process of renting?
After logging in you will see a tab for Rental Section (Items you are renting) and Owner Section (Item you posted). Also, when logged into the website you can always click on ‘My Account’ at the top of the page to access the Rental and Owner Sections.

3. How much does EZMonk charge?
There is no cost for posting an item to rent. When an item is rented EZMonk will retain a percentage of the overall rental period fee as commission. Refer to the Pricing Policy for commission ranges.

4. What is Rent with Operator
An Owner has the option to offer their item for rent with an operator. When a Renter reserves and item they are paying for both the item and someone to operate the item. This provided Owners the benefit of renting their item to another member while still being in control of the item’s use. While Renters benefit from having addition labor support when renting an item. For example, an Owner with a Bobcat can rent the machine and also their time to operate it. If posting an item with the ‘Rent with Operator’ option an Owner should account for both the rental of the item and their time to operate it the rental fee, as only one fee will be listed.

5. How is Renter’s payment made?
For a Renter to reserve an item they need to be a member and have a credit card. When reserving an item the Renter will be required to make a credit card payment. All payments will be through PayPal. When making a reservation payment the Renter will be charge the entire rental period price.

6. How does an Owner receive their payment?
An Owner has an option of receiving payments via PayPal or check by mail. The Owner can make this selection by logging-in selecting My Account/Owner Section/Settings. For PayPal payments a PayPal email address needs to be provided, or check payments a mailing address needs to be provided.