How It Works

Create an account by clicking on Sign Up at the top of the page, or by clicking here

After creating an account you can reserve an item to rent and/or post your own items to rent.

To rent an item as the Renter:

1) Select the item you’re going to reserve by clicking the image or by clicking the 'Rent This Item' link
2) Read the Owner’s Item Details’ to understand the specific terms
3) Select the 'Renting Period' timeframe, if dates are red then the item is unavailable for those days
4) Pricing will automatically be updated based on the time period selected
5) Click 'Rent This Item' to proceed
6) The Owner will have designated if the item is to be picked up by the Renter or dropped off by the Owner (Step 1 of 4), you will proceed accordingly
7) Choose payment method (Step 2 of 4), current credit card is the only option
8) Provide credit card information (Step 3 of 4)
9) Order summary will be shown (Step 4 of 4), select 'Complete Transaction' to proceed
10) Checkout Success will appear, emails will automatically be sent to the Owner and Renter to coordinate the rental transaction