Pricing Policy

All references made to EZMonk and shall be synonymous with EZMonk, Inc.

1. Applicability

EZMonk, Inc. owns and operates the website. EZmonk reserves the right to modify this pricing policy without notice.

2. Definitions

As-Is Condition – The physical state an item is in when the rental period begins.

Commission Fee - The amount EZMonk deducts from the Owner’s rental fee received from a Renter.

Deposit Fee – The amount that will not be refunded to a Renter if they cancel a reservation within the cancellation fee period.

Item – An owner’s property that has been listed for rent on the website.

List – Items offered for rent on the website by the Owner

Member – A registered person with an active user account on the website. All members are considered friends of EZMonk.

Member Account – A member’s private information stored on the EZMonk website requiring a username and password to access.

Owner – A member who lists a rental item or service on the website.

Rental Agreement – The rental terms provided by Owner in compliance with EZMonk’s policies and accepted by Renter.

Rental Period – The duration an item is rented for.

Renter – A member who rents an item on the website.

Rental Fee- The cost a renter will need to pay when an item is reserved for rent.

Reservation/Reserve – When a Renter makes a request to rent an item for a specified time period.

User – Any and all individuals or entities that access the EZMonk site, as a member, user or visitor.

3. Rental Terms Agreement

Each Owner certifies that an item listed for rent is their property and has the right to rent the item to a Renter. An Owner acknowledges that an item will be available for rent during the rental period reserved by the Renter. The Renter acknowledges that the item being rented will be returned back to the Owner in as-is condition from when it is received, unless noted otherwise by the Owner in the description.

An Owner and Renter agree and acknowledge that they are legally competent to enter into a rental agreement and will deal with each other honestly, fairly, and in good faith. Each party further acknowledges that they have not been otherwise induced in anyway other than as disclosed under the rental terms and are relying only on the terms as disclosed by Owner.

A third party agent acting on behalf of the Owner or Renter shall comply with all policies and terms listed throughout the EZMonk website.

4. Fees

Becoming a member of the EZMonk website is free of charge.

An Owner will not incur any fee for listing an item on the website. Owners will be charged an EZMonk commission fee that is deducted from the Owner’s rental fee when an item listed has been reserved and a rental transaction occurred.

Each Owner is responsible for setting the rental fee for each item listed for rent. All rental fees are in United States Dollars (USD/$). Rental fees shall be competitively priced to attract renters. Price gouging and price/market manipulation is prohibited.

A Rental Fee will be charge to a Renter once a Rental Agreement has been initiated. Rental Fees paid by a Renter to an Owner will be deposited into EZMonk’s PayPal account. EZMonk’s commission fee will be deducted from the total rental fee paid by the Renter. An Owner will receive the difference between the total rental fee amount minus EZMonk’s commission fee. Owners will be paid within 24 to 48 hours from the start of the renter period.

Rental fees paid to the Owner, minus EZMonk’s commission fee, will be sent either through PayPal or by check based on the Payment Option selected in the Owner Section of the member’s account. A payments made through PayPal requires the Owner to have an email and phone number on file with EZMonk that is linked to the Owner's valid PayPal account. EZMonk shall not be held responsible for incorrect payments made to a PayPal account due to an Owner providing an incorrect or invalid email address. For domestic PayPal transactions there are no fees associated with EZMonk sending money to an Owner. Any fees associated with EZMonk sending money to an Owner's international PayPal account will be the responsibility of the Owner to pay.

If an Owner chooses to receive their rental fee payment by check a $2.00 processing fee will be incurred, in addition to EZmonk’s commission fee. Checks will be made out to the name listed on the Owner's EZMonk account.

4.1 EZMonk Commission Fees

EZMonk reserves the right to modify the Commission Fees indicated on the website. Commission Fee modifications shall be effective on the date the change is published on the website. All subsequent rental transactions shall be charged the modified Commission Fee.

Rental Fee Range ---------- Commission Fee
Up To $10.00 ---------------- $1.00 + 0.0%
$10.01 to $50.00 ------------ $0.10 + 9.0%
$50.01 to $100.00 ---------- $0.60 + 8.0%
$100.01 to $500.00 -------- $1.60 + 7.0%
$500.01 to $1,000.00 ----- $6.00 + 6.0%
$1,000.01 to $2,000.00 --- $16.00 + 5.0%
Over $2,000.00-------------- $26.00 + 4.5%

If an Owner chooses to receive their rental fee payment by check a $2.00 processing fee will be incurred, in addition to the EZmonk’s commission fee.

5. Taxes

Owners are responsible for the applicable taxes associated with their rental transaction. EZmonk strongly encourages Owners to consult with a local tax professional for reporting income generated through rental transactions.

6. Reservation Cancellation Disclosure

6.1 Renter’s Cancellation Fee

Rental cancellation fee is determined by the date of cancellation and the rental deposit fee amount. When a renter cancels a reservation three or more days prior to the start date of the rental period all rental fees will be refunded and the Owner will not receive any fees. If a Renter cancels a reservation on or within two days of the rental period start date, the Renter will lose their deposit, and the Owner will receive the deposit fee minus EZMonk’s standard commissions. When a Renter reserves an item on or within two days of the rental period and cancels the reservation prior to the rental start, all payments will be refunded less the deposit amount.

Example, if a rental period is scheduled to start on 11/18/14 (MM/DD/YY) then the Renter will need to cancel on or before 11/15/14 to be refunded all rental fees. If the Renter cancels on or within two days of the rental period (11/16/14 to 11/18/14) the Renter will lose their deposit and will be refunded the remaining balance.

Note, if a Renter reserves an item 14 days or more prior to the start date and cancels at any time, they may incur a $0.30 fee on the refund plus any loses from their deposit as stated above. This $0.30 fee is taken by PayPal. This $0.30 fee will also be charged if the Owner cancels the rental request. To avoid a potential $0.30 fee from a refund, reserve items within 14 days of the start date.

6.2 Owner Cancellation

An Owner may cancel a reservation at any time prior to the start of the rental period. If an Owner cancels a reservation then all deposits and fees will be refunded back to the Renter. If an Owner abuses the cancellation terms this can be cause for the account to be terminated. An Owner’s cancellation abuse will be determined at EZMonk’s sole discretion.